A step-by-step guide to understanding your medication

1. Your downregulation medication

To start you on the journey towards fertility success, we need to prepare your body for stimulation – and that initially means ‘turning off’ your ovaries and preventing ovulation so we can control egg maturation during treatment. This is known as down regulation which is achieved by taking the GnRH medication. By taking this we can essentially stop your brain from talking to your ovaries and vice versa. Full instructions come with the medication and your Apricity advisor is on hand to talk everything through. If you experience any side effects, please talk to us immediately.

2. Your stimulating medication

This medication is taken to stimulate your ovaries to produce more eggs. It may be pure FSH or you could be taking a combination of FSH and LH. You will need to be monitored carefully with scans and possibly have blood tests – with the aim of preparing you for egg collection. Your doctor will recommend the medication and dosage that’s right for your specific needs. During monitoring, don’t worry if the dose may vary according to your response to treatment. You will be advised to stop your medication prior to egg collection. Full instructions are available with your medication, but as always if you have any questions or side effects your Apricity advisor is on hand to guide you.

3. Your trigger medication

The purpose of the trigger injection is to help the egg mature. It must be given at the nominated time - taking it too late could prevent maturation and an inadequate egg collection. While taking it too early may cause you to ovulate which means the eggs will have gone before they can be collected. So it’s really important to take this at the time specified. As always, your Apricity advisor is on hand to help.

4. Your supporting medication

After your eggs are collected, we need to prepare the lining of your womb in order to implant the developing embryo. This is achieved by taking progesterone. Your doctor will discuss with you the exact course of medication – please follow the instructions precisely. You will be advised when to start and when to stop. If you have a positive test, you will continue this medication up to 12 weeks of the pregnancy. This will be finalised by your medical team. If your result is not positive, you will usually be advised to stop taking the medication.

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