Apricity in Women's Health: What Causes Thrush

Apricity was featured in Women's Health last month to discuss an important, common aspect of female gynaecological health. In the article, our Chief Medical Officer, Dr Mara Kotrotsou, has an informative discussion with the magazine on the topic of thrush.  

Thrush impacts 75% of women, and is the result of an abundance of candida albicans – a common fungus which usually lives in and on the body without incident. In the case of thrush, it can affect a woman’s mouth, throat, groin and armpits, as well as genitals. 

In the article, Dr Kotrotsou clarifies the  definition and origins of thrush, including the fact that it is not a sexually transmitted illness. For those planning to conceive or expecting, it is important to understand the causes, symptoms and treatments for thrush. Due to a rise in pregnancy hormones, pregnant women are susceptible to it. Babies younger than 1 month may experience thrush, owing to their developing immune systems. 

Read the full article, written by Claudia Canavan here.

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