Apricity offer semen analysis at home through Mojo

  • Male infertility affects a large number of men globally and is on the rise - it is the leading cause of infertility in around 40% of cases in couples having difficulty conceiving. 
  • Worldwide, 7% of men are estimated to be affected by infertility.
  • In the last 40 years there has been a rising trend of male infertility with a 50% reduction in sperm count. 
  • Problems with sperm are the most common causes of male infertility, and so investigating a man’s sperm is a crucial part of diagnosing infertility, alongside female testing

Apricity is excited to have partnered with Mojo, a revolutionary at-home sperm testing service. This clinical grade test helps our world-class clinical team diagnose and understand male infertility factors, to make informed treatment decisions. 

The Mojo at-home test allows men to have a semen analysis diagnostic test done from the comfort and privacy of their own home. With no visits to a clinic to provide a sample, it has never been easier to test male fertility. An Apricity Fertility Advisor orders the kit to be delivered directly to the home, where men can produce the sample at their convenience and schedule a contact-free pick up directly with Mojo. 

Semen is analysed in Mojo’s own lab where the sample will be measured with the help of the Mojo AISA (Artificial Intelligence Sperm Assessment) system, following the WHO and ISO guidelines. The Mojo AISA is a robotic, AI-powered microscope which has been specifically created to perform highly accurate sperm analysis. It has been co-developed by the same scientists who also authored the “WHO laboratory manual for the examination and processing of human semen”.

Test results are turned around rapidly in just 48 hours, allowing Apricity doctors to make a swift diagnosis and recommendations for next steps. While at-home testing itself is not new, what is unique is that the Mojo testscan now look at all three characteristics required for analysing male fertility, where previous at-home tests have only been able to look at two. The Mojo at-home test looks at all three of the characteristics required for analysing male fertility:

  • Sperm number (concentration & volume) 
  • Morphology (appearance)
  • Motility (movement).

There can be a number of reasons why men can be affected by infertility. At Apricity, we recommend all men should test their sperm as a first line in fertility investigations, especially when they and a partner have been trying to conceive for 12 months or more (if the women is under 35) or 6 months or more if the woman is over 35.

It’s very easy to book your at-home semen analysis test quickly and easily with an Apricity Advisor - click to book a free call. 

You can read more about our male infertility diagnostic packages here. 

Source: Nations like India and various countries across the world; J Hum Reprod Sci. 2015 Oct-Dec; 8(4): 191–196:Trends of male factor infertility, an important cause of infertility: A review of literature: Naina Kumar and Amit Kant Singh

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