Apricity awarded certification for responsible and trustworthy data science

The field of fertility, and more broadly healthcare, encompasses very sensitive data, such as patient test results, ultrasound images and medical history. It is important for us to ensure that this data is safe, that it is used in a responsible way (for example, taking into account the possible biases of a database) and that the AI tools derived from this data are well documented to guarantee the reproducibility of the results as well as their use in the defined conditions and not out of context. This can help doctors make more informed decisions about fertility treatment options and improve the chances of success for patients.

AI-driven technologies like these are currently at the forefront of medical research breakthroughs that will shape the future of healthcare. However, their success depends on access to medical data which is strongly protected due to its highly sensitive nature. New solutions are therefore needed to enable both medical innovation and patients' privacy.

Why does this matter?

  • We are committed to protecting our patient data, keeping it secure and private
  • Our data models are well documented so that they can be used responsibly
  • We pay attention to biases and discrimination 
  • We strive for a continuous performance evaluation: we carefully choose which metrics we want to optimise which depends on the problem we want to solve.

The certification shows Apricity’s commitment to using our and our partners’ data responsibly and creating trusted AI to improve fertility treatment. It is a way to reassure our partners that we will use their data in a careful manner to prevent any risk to the data. 

In return, we will be able to provide doctors with more accurate and actionable information to help them make better decisions about patient care. This will improve the success rates of fertility treatments and make them more accessible to a wider range of patients.

You can read more about our AI projects here

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