Press Release: Apricity arrives in Spain to transform access to reproductive treatment

  • Virtual clinic Apricity offers a next-generation fertility experience that combines personalised care, 7/7 support and the most sophisticated AI and technology.
  • With the acquisition of WOOM, Apricity offers a complete fertility pathway, from conception counselling and monitoring to fertility treatment and through all stages of pregnancy.

Madrid, 11 January 2023 - Fertility treatments have evolved considerably in recent years. However, the patient experience is not reflective of this and hasn’t reached the desired satisfaction levels, and it continues to be one of the main concerns and causes of stress when beginning a fertility journey.  80% of Spaniards acknowledge that they have felt stress during the fertility journey, eventually affecting their relationships in 84% of cases, according to data from Apricity’s ‘Time to Check’ study*.

Apricity has arrived in Spain to lead the transformation of the experience for couples undergoing fertility treatment. This heralds a new approach to reproductive health, addressing the negative impact that fertility treatment can have on a couple’s relationship while increasing the chances of success. Apricity boasts a 45% success rate per cycle (2021) compared to a UK average of 31% (HFEA).

The virtual fertility clinic launches in Spain following the acquisition of WOOM, the women’s health app based on artificial intelligence models. WOOM helps women achieve a natural pregnancy and encourages those who are unsuccessful to make the decision to see a fertility specialist.

Spain is one of the priority markets for Apricity, given its maturity (the number of treatments per million inhabitants is triple that of the UK, and it has more than twice as many clinics) and a greater weight of international medical tourism (13% of patients are international). Spain is ideally positioned as a leading country for fertility treatments in Europe, with an estimated impact of up to 188,000 IVF treatment cycles and 1 billion euros.

“The combination of personalisation and technology are the key to transforming the reproductive experience. At Apricity, we offer a comprehensive, completely bespoke, warm and friendly service, for both women and men, taking into consideration the needs of the couple. This allows them to be in control during the process and to manage their fertility journey in a way that does not disrupt their day-to-day life, achieving greater peace of mind and a successful pregnancy,” says Caroline Noublanche, CEO and founder of Apricity.


The benefits of a revolutionary fertility treatment experience

The success of reproductive treatment with a virtual clinic model is backed by success stories from the UK, and offers multiple benefits for mothers, couples and families on their fertility journey:

  • Shorter treatment times through bespoke and individualised treatment programmes.
  • Precision in treatment delivery thanks to its AI technology, which provides the medical team with detailed information to help choose the most appropriate protocol, maximising the chances of success.
  • At home diagnostic tests & virtual consultations, minimising visits to a clinic (only two visits per cycle compared with up to 10 on a traditional journey.)
  • Personalised support through the Apricity treatment app & Fertility Advisor – available 7 days a week through extended hours.
  • Transparent all-inclusive packages with no hidden extras, addressing the 2 out of 3 abandonment rate by patients that other fertility treatments experience.



About Apricity 

Apricity is the UK’s first virtual fertility clinic that has reimagined the fertility journey by combining technology and artificial intelligence with personalised care and medical expertise. Its digital solution is designed to improve the fertility experience and maximise chances of conception. It achieves this by providing access to world-class fertility advisors and a fully customised treatment journey for patients, all easily navigated through a mobile app. Apricity’s mission is to help you create life - and live yours. 

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