Donor Decisions & Beyond: Virtual Evening with Defining Mum & Altrui

We are delighted to announce that the team at Apricity, alongside our sister company Altrui and Becky Kearns (who is known to someone as Defining Mum) are hosting a virtual event on May 6th. Becky has a wonderful blog and social media platform, where she spreads awareness on fertility, loss and donor conception.

The event, Donor Decisions & Beyond, is on Wednesday, May 6th from 18:00 - 19:30, free to attend and will showcase some of the different perspectives of donor conception. 

This event is suitable for those considering or simply curious about fertility treatment with the help of a donor. The speakers will include:

  • Becky Kearns (Defining Mum), to share her experience as an egg donation recipient
  • Alison Bagshawe, founder of Altrui, there to answer questions about the egg donation process
  • Jana Rupnow LPC, counsellor, podcast creator and author of Three Makes Baby, will answer questions about some of the emotional challenges 
  • A donor-conceived adult to share their experience
  • An Altrui egg donor to share her journey

This unique event will be held on Zoom. To attend, simply register here and we'll send you a link.

If you have questions you'd like the speakers to answer, it would be great if you could send them in advance to We will try our best to also answer questions on the spot, but usually have many to get through, so having them in ahead of time really helps us out.

The Apricity team 

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