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Apricity is the UK’s trusted companion for personalised fertility treatment. Tailored to your specific needs and location, and with caring support a tap away seven days a week, you’ll truly feel us with you at every step.

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Our fertility advisors offer guidance, support and help seven days a week.

First class treatment

Our network is full of the best in their field, from fertility doctors and counsellors to nutritionists and acupuncturists.

Knowledge is power

Our services allows you to visualise your journey, understand options and access educational materials, so you’re never in the dark.

Your fertility journey, reimagined

How Apricity works

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    Explore your fertility options through a free call with an Apricity advisor
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    Meet with the clinical team of your choice
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    Get your bespoke treatment plan and quote
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    Start your fertility journey the Apricity way
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Surrounded by the best

We understand there is no one-size-fits-all approach to fertility. Tailor yours to match your needs, preferences, history and location.

  • Support a tap away

    Our dedicated fertility advisors ensure that you feel supported from the start to the end of your journey. Whether you’d like guidance on next steps, help scheduling appointments and chasing results, or someone to talk to about what you are experiencing, support is a tap away seven days a week.

  • Best clinics, best treatment!

    We choose the best clinics, doctors, nurses, counsellors and well-being experts to work with, so you know you’re in good hands throughout your journey. Our pricing is the same as clinics and fertility centres, meaning you'll have our additional services at no extra charge.

Our dedicated app

Our app visualises your journey and shows your next steps. The diary feature keeps you up to date with appointments, medication and important information, so you can prepare for every milestone. You’ll also have to hand an informative library of medical content and educational videos, so you feel informed at every step. If you are in a couple, you can opt to share access with your partner, so they can easily stay in the loop.

Apricity Open Fertility Foundation

Maximising success rates is our utmost, committed focus.

That's why, when working with us, we ask your permission to anonymize your data and share it to contribute to progress in ART science.

42%success rate

Benefit from the best medical care

Every woman is different and depending on your age and reasons for infertility success rates may vary

We only partner with the best clinics and fertility specialists to empower your fertility journey

Poundbury clinic is known to take exceptional care of their patients. Apricity is a way to make many more people benefit from this outstanding level of service.

Michael DooleyMedical Director of The Poundbury Clinic Chief Medical Officer at Apricity